40 Days of Worksheets – Day 4

cropped-ramonagravitar.jpgWorksheet #4 – Therapy

Your manuscript is a mess, or maybe you don’t know where to go with it, or maybe you doubt this is a story you can write, or maybe you’re just frustrated. For whatever reason, you are sorry you ever started the thing.

You and your WIP need help. This workshop will send you to therapy.

Step 1: Find a quiet spot where you can write–longhand or on screen–for a few uninterrupted minutes.

Step 2: Use some kind of timer. Set it for 15 minutes.

Step 3: You will free write everything that is bugging you about this MS, uninterrupted, for 15 minutes.

Step 4: Start your timer and go.

Step 5: Stop writing. Walk around or take a break for another 15 minutes, then settle back into your quiet writing spot.

Step 6: You will free write everything that drew you to this story and why you wanted to write it.

Step 7: Start your timer and go.

Step 8: Read both free writes. Do you want to continue with this WIP?

Please note: All worksheets posted are my original work and intellectual property. I ask that you share the links on social media, and you are welcome to share the worksheets with your critique groups and writing friends with credit given. That being said, these worksheets—despite being posted on the Internet—may not be copied, distributed, or published as anyone’s work but mine. In short: sharing is good, plagiarism is bad.

Disclaimer #2: You may post your completed worksheet if you’d like, but please remember that, by doing so, you are sharing your ideas with all of the Internet. You’ve been warned.

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