The Sacred Writing Time Pledge, 2016

On New Year’s Day of 2012, I created the Sacred Writing Time Pledge. The Pledge was born in response to a writing group colleague who bemoaned her lack of organization, willpower, family cooperation, and other reasons (aka excuses) that prevented her from being the steady, daily, productive writer she wanted to be.

Writers write. Writers who get published complete work and submit that work to agents and editors, or they choose to self-publish. That’s how it works. The way to write for publication is to commit to it. That means nothing–and no one–stands in the way of your writing goals.

Don’t allow reasons (aka excuses) to gain power over you and undermine your goals. I’d like to invite my writing friends and colleagues to take the Sacred Writing Time Pledge for the first time, or renew from last year.

The Sacred Writing Time Pledge, 2016

 I ____________ (<-your name) do solemnly swear to devote _________ amount of time each day to Sacred Writing Time. That means no one and nothing disturbs this time, including myself.

I will work at __________ (<-location).

When you, the undersigned, see me at this location, you will respect my Sacred Writing Time and not disturb me unless there is blood flowing from multiple places on someone’s body.

Signatures: __________________(<-yours) _________________________(<-your family’s)


Best of luck to all of you in your writing endeavors for 2016!



4 thoughts on “The Sacred Writing Time Pledge, 2016

  1. Ramona- I’ve only just found this in my giant slough of email, but I’m taking the pledge now and thank you for reminding us how important our writing time is.
    Peace and Prosperity to all in 2016!


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