What’s your wheelhouse? A quiz for creatives.

cropped-ramonagravitar.jpgA wheelhouse can be defined in three ways: the pilot room of a steamboat; a batter’s power zone in baseball; a person’s area of expertise or interest.

I have no real interest in steamboats, and all I know about baseball is that there is no crying in it, so the focus of this post is the third definition. What is your area of expertise or interest as an artist? What’s your wheelhouse—the reason why you engage in this up and down life as a writer, painter, musician, dancer, visual artist?

I ask this on the final day of 2015, because final days are days of reflection. 2015 is history. Every year on New Year’s Day, I post a Sacred Writing Time pledge. Before that happens tomorrow, I want to reflect a bit on what makes me – you – tick as a creative person.

One this final day of 2015, consider the following to figure out where your skills and strengths may lie.

  1. What kind of art or creative venture do you currently pursue?
  2. What are your strongest skills in that pursuit?
  3. What is your most creative time of day?
  4. Where is your most creative space or place?
  5. What part of your creative life makes you happy?
  6. What part of your creativity do you share with others?
  7. What three qualities best describe you as a creative person?
  8. What one personality trait is a benefit to your creative pursuits?
  9. What fellow artist do you admire and why?
  10. Who is your biggest cheerleader or advocate?

Now answer these questions:

  1. What project or pursuit do you want to work on in 2016?
  2. What skill will you sharpen in 2016?
  3. How often will you work on #1 in 2016?
  4. How can you create or enhance your creative space in 2016?
  5. Will you appreciate your creative self in 2016?
  6. How will you share your art in 2016?
  7. Will you remind yourself regularly of your three qualities in 2016?
  8. Will you use your best personality trait in 2016?
  9. Will you emulate the artist you admire in 2016?
  10. How can you cheerlead or advocate for other creative people in 2016?

Now think about this:

Why do you do this creative thing that you love to do?

The why is your wheelhouse. Your raison d’etre as an artist. Your strength through rejection and frustration. Your guiding light when you are uncertain.

What’s your wheelhouse? Let 2016 be the year of your creative why. Embrace it. Proclaim it. Respect it. Do it.


2 thoughts on “What’s your wheelhouse? A quiz for creatives.

  1. I read this this morning, Ramona. And decided, rather than replying, that I’d just get back to my new first draft. So I guess that’s my wheelhouse – I need to write fiction, and I need it to be better every time. Or something like that…

    Will share and remember all these questions. Thank you for keeping us alive and thinking out here.


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