40 Days of 3 Questions – Day 32

Welcome to 40 Days of 3 Questions!

For the next few weeks, meet here every morning with a notebook or document to answer three questions about writing, about your status quo as a writer, or about the writing life. You can answer briefly and go about your day, or you can use this as a warm up exercise before your regular writing schedule. Whatever works for you, works for me.

Day 32 Questions:

  1. Apart from your protagonist, could you kill off every other character in your current project?
  2. If you had to do a Game of Thrones type slaughter, which killed-off character would most hurt you?
  3. Which killed-off character do you think would most hurt your readers?

You may post answers in comments or keep your thoughts private–your choice!

And here is today’s pretty picture:

dead toothpick guy
RIP, toothpick holder guy.