40 Days of Worksheets – Day 29

ramonagravitarWorksheet #29 – Emotional Journey

The following questions address the character’s personal story and how the events of the plot affects them emotionally and internally.

1. What is your character’s general emotional state at the start of the story?

2 As the story progresses, what change does she want to happen in her personal life? Does that happen?

3. If there anything at the start of the story that she wants to change about herself? Does that happens?

4. What are three things that happen in the story that affect or touch her emotionally? Does she change because of these three things?

5. Does her personal/private life undergo change or stress because of the plot?

6. Does anyone get hurt in the story because of her actions? If so, how does that change her (if it does)?

7. Does she win/lose any personal relationships?

8. Does she have an unresolved issue from the past (baggage)? If so, is it resolved? If it is not resolved, why not?

9. What is the lowest/saddest emotional moment for her in the story?

10. What is the highest/happiest?

11. Does she have a weakness or fear at the start of the story that she has to face? If so, what is the result?

12. What is she like at the end of the story, from an internal POV, as compared to what she’s like at the beginning? In other words, how has she changed?

13. Was this painful? Was it worth the pain?

14. Is your character more content or less so at the end of the story?

15. If the character is at peace at the start, is she at peace at the end? Is she emotionally distraught at the start, and the same at the end? At peace at the start, but disturbed at the end? Disturbed at the start, but peaceful at the end? Which one of these start-end questions best describes your lead character?

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40 Days of 3 Questions – Day 15

Welcome to 40 Days of 3 Questions!

For the next few weeks, meet here every morning with a notebook or document to answer three questions about writing, about your status quo as a writer, or about the writing life. You can answer briefly and go about your day, or you can use this as a warm up exercise before your regular writing schedule. Whatever works for you, works for me.

Day 15 Questions 

  1. Does your protagonist have a clear character arc in the story?
  2. What is his/her status quo in the opening?
  3. What is his/her new normal at the end of the story?

You may post answers in comments or keep your thoughts private–your choice!

And here is today’s pretty picture:

Paper mill road park
A character’s journey can lead anywhere. What’s on the other side of the bridge? I didn’t know until I went there.