40 Days of Worksheets – Day 38

ramonagravitarWorksheet #38 – Skill Set Checklist

Professional writers never stop trying to learn and improve. Natural talent is a boon, but developing a strong skill set requires work.

Below is a list of skills useful for a fiction writer. How would you rate yourself for each–mastered, good, developing, or weak?

Formatting a document

Basic grammar

Word choice/vocabulary


Story Structure

Writing efficiently

Showing, not telling

Telling when appropriate

Remaining in POV

Establishing a theme

Clear central conflict

Intriguing characters

Character consistency

Strong dialogue


Showing suspense/danger/intrigue

Writing action

Showing character emotions

Inserting backstory


Use of setting

Writing romantic scenes

Strong opening lines

Writing humor

Creating rising tension

Writing a twist

Writing scenes with a clear goal

Showing stakes

Avoiding over-explaining

Intriguing secondary characters

Balancing primary and secondary storylines

Clear character arcs

Knowing what to cut

Strong chapter endings

Writing a satisfying ending

Good research skills


What other skills would you list?

Please note: All worksheets posted are my original work and intellectual property. I ask that you share the links on social media, and you are welcome to share the worksheets with your critique groups and writing friends with credit given. That being said, these worksheets—despite being posted on the Internet—may not be copied, distributed, or published as anyone’s work but mine. In short: sharing is good, plagiarism is bad.

Disclaimer #2: You may post your completed worksheet if you’d like, but please remember that, by doing so, you are sharing your ideas with all of the Internet. You’ve been warned.

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