40 Days of Worksheets – Day 26

cropped-ramonalogofinal.jpgWorksheet #26 – Weekly Goals

 Sunday is traditionally a day of rest and relaxation, or reflection and renewal. In my online courses, I give a day off for a mental break, but because this a short-term project, no breaks!

Goals for this week:

1 – How much will you write on your WIP this week? (# of words, # of pages, # of chapters, # of hours–whatever measuring stick you’d like to use)

2 – What other tasks do you need to handle this week? (revisions or research for your WIP, blog posts, submissions, PR, etc.)

3 – How did you do on last week’s goals?

As you set goals, remember to be realistic! Doable goals are the ones people achieve. It’s great to push yourself, but if you aim for the unrealistic or unreachable, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  Be reasonable with yourself as you plan this week–and good luck!

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