40 Days of Worksheets – Day 11

cropped-ramonagravitar.jpgWorksheet # 11 – WHY

Why addresses the reasons characters act as they do, the author’s reasons for writing this story,  and why changes happens as a result of the action.

Questions only today. Have a good weekend!

  1. Why are you writing this story?
  2. Why is this protagonist right for this story?
  3. Why is the protagonist compelled to answer the story question?
  4. Why does the protagonist embark on the emotional journey?
  5. Why does the protagonist feel a hole, an ache, a need to change his/her situation?
  6. Why is he/she changed (or not) by the end of the story?
  7. Why are secrets held between/from characters?
  8. Why did the crime happen?
  9. Why was the crime committed by this particular person?
  10. Why did the particular victims die and particular survivors survive?
  11. Why will a reader find uniqueness in this story?
  12. Why will a reader turn the page at the end of each chapter?
  13. Why is this story compelling beyond answering the story question?
  14. Why is it entertaining?
  15. Why is this a series or a standalone?

Please note: All worksheets posted are my original work and intellectual property. I ask that you share the links on social media, and you are welcome to share the worksheets with your critique groups and writing friends with credit given. That being said, these worksheets—despite being posted on the Internet—may not be copied, distributed, or published as anyone’s work but mine. In short: sharing is good, plagiarism is bad.

Disclaimer #2: You may post your completed worksheet if you’d like, but please remember that, by doing so, you are sharing your ideas with all of the Internet. You’ve been warnedbeen warned.

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