40 Days of 3 Questions – Day 33

Welcome to 40 Days of 3 Questions!

For the next few weeks, meet here every morning with a notebook or document to answer three questions about writing, about your status quo as a writer, or about the writing life. You can answer briefly and go about your day, or you can use this as a warm up exercise before your regular writing schedule. Whatever works for you, works for me.

Day 33 Questions:

  1. If you could only write one more story in the rest of your life, what would it be?
  2. Why that story?
  3. Why aren’t you writing it now?

You may post answers in comments or keep your thoughts private–your choice!

And here is today’s pretty picture:

keep calm write on
Every day.

10 thoughts on “40 Days of 3 Questions – Day 33

  1. Wow. What a question. It would be the best book I have in me,and I try to create that with every book I write. I’m writing the books I have on contract, which this year i almost four, and I just can’t produce any more than that except possibly a short story without having zero personal life. I’d like to answer that I would write that deep standalone domestic suspense novel I’ve been considering, but the glimmers of ideas are still far too glimmery for me to drop everything else for it.

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  2. Wow. Well, I’m not sure I can answer these because I feel like I am writing the stories I really want to be writing. I’m almost done with my historical. I don’t know what is going to happen to it after it’s done, but I’m glad I did it. Like Edith, the other book I’m writing now is the one I’m contracted for.

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  3. If you could only write one more story in the rest of your life, what would it be? The one I’m writing now.
    Why that story? I owe this story to the people who asked me write it and I’m passionate about it.
    Why aren’t you writing it now? I’m trying to make money. It’s rare to find an author who can support themself on their writing.

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  4. These three questions knocked the air out of my lungs. Wow! FYI – I answered the first couple of your series of questions in the comments, but gave up on that. They deserve more time and thought that I could give in comments. However, I created a special folder to save all of them so that I can go back and think about when I need a writing.nudge. Thanks! Without getting too mushy about it – you’re a gem.

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  5. Profound questions Ramona! Couldn’t resist posting my answers.
    1. The guidebook I’m currently writing, “Writing and Living Mindfully (In Search for Our Authentic Self).”
    2. The manuscript weaves my life as an artist, professor of art and world religions, meditation guide and writer. These aspects have greatly enriched my personal, familial, social, professional and spiritual life. I want to share the wisdom I have learnt from these various fields with my readers hoping that the subject matter will benefit them as much as it has rewarded me.
    3. It may take me years to finish the book but I am revising it now.
    Thank you!

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  6. 1. If you could only write one more story in the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Like the others, I have to finish two more books for contract. BUT (I’ve learned that italics don’t work here), if that weren’t the case, then what? My other fiction projects, sequels to small press books, are lined up waiting for me, staring with their beady little eyes. However, a friend and I, both of us recently widowed, are someday (soon, I hope!) going to put together a short book for new widows, based on the excellent counsel and advice and encouragement that we both got from so many others.

    Except, now that I’m ready to post this, I thought of another one that HAS to be written soon. I’ve written books for each grandchild, and owe one to two more.

    2. Why that story?
    I think it would do some good in the world. Not that escapist fiction doesn’t do people good—I know it does—but this is on a different level.

    3. Why aren’t you writing it now?
    That contract.

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  7. The story I would write would be about my grandmother and her sister. Nana had never been out of Maryland, but when her husband suddenly at the age of thirty-three she decided to take her eighteen-month-old son, my dad, and get on a train to meet her older sister who lived in San Francisco. Her sister’s husband died soon after and the two widowed sisters ended up more,or less, raising their children together. I think it’s a remarkable story of grief, courage and family. I’ve a few chapters done, but that story has been put on hold until this novel is completed.

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  8. 1.) If you could only write one more story in the rest of your life, what would it be? The historical aviation series I’m putting together.
    2.) Why that story? It’s the story of struggle, persistence, and achievement. It’s my story.
    3.) Why aren’t you writing it now? I am. Fingers crossed it will sell.


  9. If you could only write one more story in the rest of your life, what would it be? It would be the story that has the Human Resources pieces in it.
    Why that story? Because HR no matter what business is about people and people, if they work outside their homes, spend more of their time at work than anywhere else.
    Why aren’t you writing it now? It’s what I started many times without knowing what I was doing. I want to learn the process right on another story then go back to this one.


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