How About a Book Rave?

cropped-ramonagravitar.jpgYears ago, when my venture into professional editing was just that—a new adventure—I was fortunate to be supported, and promoted, by author friends. Today, I am paying forward with an interview with fellow Pennwriter and Sisters in Crime member, Tamara Girardi.

Tamara and YA author Megan LaCroix have launched a venture called #Book Rave. The purpose is to connect readers with more books to love, and to help authors by encouraging those readers to leave book reviews. Tamara and Megan are veterans of PitchWars, and they have mastered Twitter—a place where I still take baby steps—so I’m happy to have such savvy guests here today. And may I mention there are giveaways?

Check out the Q&A below, and welcome to Tamara and Megan!

Tamara and Megan: Ramona, thanks so much for having us! We’re excited about all the great things happening at #BookRave and we’re hoping your readers will join us!

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 What is #BookRave?

Megan: #BookRave is a hashtag and monthly giveaway that encourages readers (aka: ravers!) to leave more reviews for the books and authors they love. For all the details, check out  Why You Should Read and Rave: The Power of Reader Reviews!

Tamara: What Megan said! But I want to add that #BookRave is also a chance to talk about books. Great recommendations are something I always want more of in my life, so join us on the tag, and let’s rave!

How will #BookRave serve authors?

Tamara: I used to think that the biggest challenge in this industry was to write a great book. Imagine my shock (and terror) when I talked with other author friends who were already published and heard about the challenges of reaching readers. And all the algorithms. Books reach more readers when they hit x number of reviews. More online references to you and your books translates into boosts in search engine optimization. I definitely don’t have it all figured out, but I’ve learned enough to realize that readers really need to be talking about books they love, so that authors can continue to do what they love!

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Megan: An author’s career is greatly impacted by book reviews! Reviews boost sales by increasing visibility. No one is going to buy a book if they don’t even know it exists, so the more readers rave about the books they love, the more exposure they’re giving them. That means the chances are greater that someone else is going to pick up that book up and love it too. More reviews = more sales = more books getting published by your favorite author!

Tamara: Also, I came across a couple of really interesting posts on the importance of reviews by  KS Brooks  and Linda Sienkiewicz

How will #BookRave serve readers?

Tamara: This is a great question! The obvious answer is that readers can win free books and/or Amazon gift cards, but even better, readers can build a community and discover new authors. As Brooks noted in the Indies Unlimited article I referenced above, the market is flooded with stories, which is great in terms of selection. On the other hand, finding a book that’s perfect for you can be overwhelming. #BookRave will help you find good books, and, hello, it will be fun! 🙂

Megan: It’s a chance to win one of three great prizes, to get more involved in the writing community, to make friends with like-minded readers of your genre, and last (but not least!) it’s a huge opportunity to boost the books and authors you love! Nothing says ‘thank you’ like a rave review!

What is the process?

Megan: #BookRave offers three distinct prizes each month: two books by that month’s featured authors, and a $10 Amazon gift card. Three winners are selected through a Rafflecopter that runs Wed-Fri (usually mid-month). Follow Tamara and me on Twitter at @TamaraGirardi and @meganklacroix for more details, and keep an eye on my blog for the latest #BookRave news.

Tamara: Megan summed it up! I would add that ravers can earn entries by following the authors who donate and support #BookRave (as noted in the Rafflecopter), but the majority of entries can be earned by posting a review online, inviting friends to rave with you, and raving about your favorite books and authors on Twitter. And those entries can be earned daily for the contest window. So rave early and often with us for the most chances to win!

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Ramona: Any last words…?

 Tamara: One more thing! I really hope that #BookRave will grow into an amazing community of readers who come together once a month to build their To Be Read (TBR) piles and discover authors who are loved by others but new to them. We love gifs. We love to laugh. We love to read. Come join us.

Megan: I co-sign on all that Tamara said! Everything about #BookRave is geared toward fun and positivity. We want it to be a place that celebrates authors and readers, and the more ravers we get, the more we can do to help boost book reviews all over the web!

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Megan LaCroix is a reader, a writer, a lover of the outdoors, and a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She gravitates toward lush books with literary slants and hooky voices, and is currently revising a young adult fantasy that was chosen to participate in Pitch Wars 2016. You can find her blogging online at, as well as on Twitter at @meganklacroix.

Tamara Girardi writes young adult fantasy and contemporary novels, her most recent of which, GRIDIRON GIRL, about a girl who competes against her boyfriend to be the starting quarterback of the football team, is under consideration by publishers. The novel was featured in the 2016 Pitch Wars class. She lives in a suburb outside of Pittsburgh with her husband and three children. She loves to rave about young adult fiction and adult mysteries, since so many of her friends in the Pittsburgh chapter of Sisters in Crime write them! You can find her on Twitter @TamaraGirardi.


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