A Submission a Day x 40

cropped-ramonagravitar.jpgI am writing this on Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, the day in my childhood that meant spending all day wearing a princess costume and scrapping like a prize fighter for cheap throws at a parade.

Good times, those were.

The next day began Lent, the 40 days of reflection and sacrifice that, for me as a child, meant no chocolate until the Easter Bunny came. After six weeks of deprivation, I was so desperate for a hit, I chomped the ears off an innocent rabbit while it was still warm from my Easter basket.

I’ve moved away from places that have carnival though I still wear three strings of beads (purple, green, gold) on Mardi Gras day. And while I no longer observe Lent in the traditional give-up-something way, old habits are hard to break. I still do some kind of reflection, and sometimes I do a project, like 40 Days of Book Praise. That was fun

I’ve decided I’m not crazy about deprivation but I can get behind action. So, for the next 40 days, I am going to act on an area of my writing life I have neglected: submitting.

My vow for the next 40 days is to submit one piece of writing, or send a query, or fill out a writing-related app, per day. I have a backlog of pieces waiting for a home, and I need to supercharge my efforts so my little writing orphans can make it out into the world.

One submissiony thing a day. For 40 days. I’ll be so busy submitting, I won’t even worry about the chances of rejection.

What is your take? Is sacrifice or action your kind of thing? Or a combination?  And who wants to join me in doing 1 writing thing – your choice – per day, for the next 40 days?




8 thoughts on “A Submission a Day x 40

  1. For me, Lent is about trying to break a habit that is holding me back. I don’t really see that as deprivation, though.

    I’m not at a point in my work where I can do one submission-y thing. Hmm. the idea of doing one writing-related thing is attractive. Must ponder.


    1. One submission thingy would be difficult for a novelist, easier for someone who writes short pieces. A writing-related thing every day — in addition to your daily sprint, of course–sounds attractive to me, too, Mary.


  2. Forty submissions is a great idea. I’m turning around my usual Lenten practices this year as well. I’m giving up computer games – a time waster I need to get a handle on anyway, so I’m using Lent for support – and I’ll try to follow the daily random acts of kindness, but instead of giving up all sorts of unhealthy food I’ve decided to walk 100 miles. Once upon a time, this would have been a piece of cake but as my knees have gone bad I’ve become terribly sedentary so this will be a challenge.


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