Virtual Clean Your Office Day


On Friday of this week, millions of people around the world will bond in a joint cause: to clean their  home offices. Okay, maybe not millions. More like a dozen. Or half dozen. Six of my friends, plus me.

To reboot, on Friday, at least seven people will virtually join me in tackling the horror of paper piles, book stacks, business receipts, dead ink pens, and whatever (Food? Fungus? New strain of rotavirus?) that is turning the bottom of my mouse purple.

Why is office cleaning a blog post? Is it because an unpleasant activity is less painful with a cheerleading squad (yes) or because announcing on social media that you will do a thing will make you accountable and so you will actually do the thing (yes) or that there will be the validation, praise, and maybe ice cream after you do the thing (yes) or that I’m desperate for any blog post topic (yes, and oops, did I write that out loud?)

I live in a clean home. I make up my bed every morning. I can’t go to sleep if there are dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. I change bedsheets every week. Every so often, I go on an anti-bacterial gel rampage and wipe down all the knobs (door, cabinet, bathroom, desk) in the house. I write every morning at 7:00 a.m. at a spot near a window, with a vision board nearby, a cup of coffee on hand, and headphones to block out all noise. I have standards. Habits. Rituals. You might think I’m OCD, until you open the door to my office.


I am fortunate to have a home office where I do all of my editing work and some of my writing work. The décor is modern day functional. There are curtains to keep the sun out of my eyes, an AC  unit to keep my desktop cool in summer, a wraparound desk, an ergonomic chair and a standard office chair as a spare, bookcase with reference materials. If the IRS came to my  home to make sure the deduction I take is legit, I would lead them to my home office with confidence.

And chagrin. Because strewn between the various elements of modern day function are piles and  piles of stuff.

It’s all business-related stuff. Notes to myself about changes to make in manuscripts. Lists of character names. Books I use when I write an online course. Books I’ve edited for when I do promotional events. Business cards—mine,  yours, ours—and several address books. Files with receipts spilling out. Boxes with receipts spilling out. Boxes labeled “ideas” and “columns” and “Cajun French info.” Stacks of CDs because, yes, I still own those and listen while I work. And journals. Rows and rows of clean journals–clean because the one journal I actually use as a journal is in my writing room.

On my desk itself is a big flat paper office calendar color-coded in a way only I and a three-year-old with crayons might understand. Behind the large desktop monitor is a tub of biscotti because if I don’t lock it up in my office, the biscotti will be consumed by my menfolk.

My office is my domain. I spend a lot of time there. To be clear, there is no dirt. The floor is vacuumed and the light switch is always germ-free (see anti-bacterial comment above), so it is clean but it is cluttered, and every once in a while, I look around and the chaos is a slap in the face to my need for orderliness.

There’s probably something to be said for my ability to focus in a messy office, when a messy room in all other parts of the house would drive me batty. But there it is, and that’s why Friday is Virtual Clean Your Office day. When the chaos intrudes on my focus, it’s time to slay those piles of stuff.

But, I hate it. One of the reasons my house stays neat is because cleaning it is so BORING.

And so, when I mentioned the mess on Facebook and a writing friend responded that we should have a virtual clean your office day, I said yes! Let’s do that!

Do you keep an orderly office? Or do you thrive in the mess? Or is it time to find your desk under the piles of stuff?

If the answer is yes to the third question, Friday is clean your office day. Join in virtually by announcing your intentions. My Facebook friends and I will cheer each other on, and when I’m done, I plan to have ice cream. Real ice cream, not the virtual stuff.

Friday. Clean your office. If it goes well, maybe we will do it again next year, because once a year is about how often I clean my office.

5 thoughts on “Virtual Clean Your Office Day

  1. Great post, Ramona! My office sounds a lot like yours–filled with piles of stuff that I seem to attack only when I desperately need to find something in one of those many piles. Hopefully, your post will inspire me to attack them on a more regular and thorough basis, but at the moment I feel like I’m too busy to do so–my usual excuse!


  2. Thank you, Ramona, for scheduling the office clean up day. Like you, my house is quite tidy and clean, but my office (a converted bedroom) is filled with papers and files. I never can seem to have a clear desk. Perhaps it accounts for my inability to focus.


  3. Perfect timing! Friday I’m home with the semi-munchkin (too big now to be a true munchkin) because his school has a day free, and I’ve been having to work at the dining table because there is No Room on my desk. So I’m with you-all 🙂
    BTW, your picture looks like my “after” hopes of my desk – which should tell you something.


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