Inquisitive Adventures

RamonaGravitarI took a walk on the wide side this past weekend and wrote a haiku. I also made a handmade book.

A course on haiku and micro-books was taught by my friend and writing colleague, JM Reinbold. Joanne and I go way back, all the way back to this:


Stories from the Ink Slingers is/was my first story published in an anthology. It was also the first anthology I contributed to as an editor. It was published in 2007, and it was this (and my 50th birthday a few years later) that led to my decision to pursue a second career as a professional editor. When Joanne invited me to act as co-editor for the Ink Slingers anthology, I had no idea it was the first step on a path for a new career.

Thanks, Joanne.

Back to the haiku and handmade book class.  Writing haiku intimidates me. I have a mental block that, even with Joanne’s excellent and encouraging guidance, leaves me struggling. I have yet to fully understand, much less capture, the “haiku moment.” I have difficulty with choosing words because I focus on form. But I took the course and tried out a few haiku because I wanted to try something new.

When’s the last time you tried something new?

In my post-haiku glow, I thought about the inquisitive adventures I have taken since 2007. I use the term inquisitive adventures because I am not physically daring, but I am mentally curious. Combine those two and you get a person seeking experiences not found at a snowy mountain top, perhaps, but that take her out of the daily box of life.

Here’s a partial list small new things I have tried in the past few years because I wanted to have an inquisitive adventure.

~ Went away to an artist colony (x3)

~ Made a soul collage

~ Led and participated in public Free Writes

~ Walked a few labyrinths

~ Began to practice meditation

~ Investigated Healing Touch

~ Took a Reiki workshop

~ Took a Wellness for Women workshop

~ Spent a week alone at a beach hotel in winter

~ Began a Writing as Healing course at the cancer center

~ Made a Christmas tree out of a discarded book at a paper crafts class

~ Did a 6-week The Artist’s Way course

~ Scheduled a tarot card reading

~ Drank a specialty martini at the Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club

~ Ate pig cheeks

~ Made a micro book

~ Wrote this haiku:

windowsill cactus

summer afternoon sun blasts

benign neglect death

I also made curtains out of distressed vintage tablecloths for my kitchen and guest room windows. The third talent I have with my hands—after typing and twirling a baton—is sewing. I only sew straight lines, but you can do a lot with straight lines, if you take the straight lines out of their box. Some people look at a 50s tablecloths with a few stains and small holes and think, trash. I look at it and think, curtains!

Inquisitive adventures—have you had any? And what do you think about my handmade micro-book? Pretty adorable, if you ask me.

haiku book

10 thoughts on “Inquisitive Adventures

    1. Noelle, if you note, none of these are spectacular or took me far from home, other than the artist colony and week away. I found courses and classes at the arts alliance and library and so on. Now I am aware. I think it comes down to that–all of these fun things are happening. All you have to do is sign up and show up!


  1. The book is adorable, Ramona. I envy you the ability to sew – and do haiku. Every time I try, well, let’s just say the results are not something I feel like sharing. I’m in a stinky mood this morning, so maybe I need to sit down and think of some of the things I’ve done in my life to lift my spirits.


    1. Thank you, Mary, I’m very fond of my cute book! I learned sewing from my mother, and it’s not hard once you accept that if you can’t read a pattern, you can’t read a pattern!

      The haiku, well, I’m not there yet but I think you probably have more on your list than jumps out at you. Didn’t you earn a belt or two? Begin writing professionally? Go on retreats? Those are a few to get you started.


  2. Inquisitive adventures are food for my soul, and grist for the writing mill. Letsee…I’ve met a friend on the Charles Bridge in Prague on New Year’s Eve, visited the battlefields and ruins in Sicily, stood at the Trevi Fountains alone at four a.m., attended three writing workshops and fallen in love with the goal of writing better, I’ve begun a dark thriller (way outside my writing comfort zone), I’ve lived in Manhattan for a year to go back to school (bucket list thing), I survived a teenager and Las Vegas, I’ve dated some awful asses and finally found a Prince, I’ve rented places in St. Helena and San Francisco, traveled to Portland (a new city to me), I’m learning Italian, and hoping to never cook another meal in my life, so, of course, am writing a series set in Napa…about wine and cheese and food. As a friend who has known me since the 7th grade told me the other day, apparently I need stimulation:)


    1. Deb, I think yours are much higher on the adventure scale–what a great list! You live an inquisitive life and it looks like you’ve stomped on the box and walked away!

      As for the awful asses, I really like that phrase, but I’m glad they’ve been replaced by a Prince. But never cooking again–how is that possible? Ciao!


  3. Love the little book, and want to read more haiku from you. I also want to see photos of those curtains! I love the idea of inquisitive adventures — great description of the opening up to new challenges!


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