National Day on Writing

Monday, October 20, the National Council of Teachers of English celebrated all forms of written expression with its sixth National Day on Writing. 

Whether you think of yourself as “a writer” or not, good communication skills give you an edge in life. I hope the prompt below will work to encourage anyone reading this to pick up a writing instrument and craft a story opening, record a memory, jot down something that makes you happy, or describe the face of someone you love.

Happy writing–today and every day!

Photos from Polytech’s Wall of Writers, a display of writing by students from Ms. Sheldon’s and Dr. Papineau’s adult education classes.




polytech wall 2

polytech wall


Writing Prompt for the National Day of Writing

           Today we celebrate the National Day of Writing. People from every culture, country, or institution, in every type of job or career, and of all ages are writing more than ever before. For the next 15 minutes, get out your journal and write, and enjoy this act of writing!

         Free write non-stop without worries about making corrections. Write whatever comes to mind without judging or censoring what you are writing. Simply empty your thoughts onto the paper. If you become stuck, try writing “I don’t know what to write,” until another idea rises to the surface.

         Enjoy this time! Hopefully some of you will be willing to share your ideas later in the day. You do have something of value to say.

7 thoughts on “National Day on Writing

  1. It’s a shame that writing seems to have fallen by the wayside for our children. I am lucky my daughter majored in creative writing in college; it has stood her in good stead for her various jobs since then!


  2. The university I graduated from requires every discipline to have writing intensive classes. A prof told me that once the policy was instituted, the math department embraced it enthusiastically and was using it successfully. I can’t remember when it began, but it was over twenty years ago.


  3. Ramona, many thanks for your workshop that you shared today at POLYTECH Adult Education in Woodside, Delaware. I heard positive comments from staff and students! Also, thank you for your post here of the prompt we all used to begin our day of writing. I look forward to your return to our program. You are a true gem!


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