How To Sprint

What is a writing sprint?

A sprint is a set amount of brief, uninterrupted writing time.

 Fun Facts about Sprints

~ The purpose of a sprint is get words on paper–fast.

~ A sprint is announced via social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

~ Someone will announce a sprint for a certain time, i.e. “Who wants to sprint at 11:00 a.m.?” and invite others to participate.

~ 1 hr/1K is a common sprint, meaning the goal is to write 1,000 words in 1 hour.

~ Ironically, the key to a successful Sprint is turning off or away from social media during the sprint.

~ People who join in the sprint often report in after it’s over and announce their progress.

~  The value of a sprint is two-fold: to get words to paper, and to be inspired by a feeling of community.

~ Ironically, again, the community is usually a virtual (online) one.

~ Think Usain Bolt working on a WIP.  That’s a sprint.

Have you ever sprinted? Is/was it valuable?


6 thoughts on “How To Sprint

  1. Thanks, Ramona for explaining a writing Sprint. I’ve been really pushing myself to write this week. I’m sure I can find my own little way to have a Sprint – even without Social Media coaxing.


  2. Yes, thanks for the explanation. I only had a vague idea of something that involved a lot of time and a headache. But this sounds like fun, especially the checking in afterward to blow your own horn or see if anybody else flopped miserably too. Where do I find a group to sprint with?


    1. I think it’s really low-key, Genie. You can look on Twitter, if you do that. I’m not sure it there are groups so much as random writers announcing it to their friends and followers. Maybe it is something for our FB group to try?


  3. I like this, when I’m in the mood. The problem I have (which you’ve probably noticed) is that, when I get really going with my writing, I tend to pop on and off Facebook and basically jazz about how well it’s going. Which sort of defeats half the Sprint purpose!


  4. Becky, staying off the airwaves is a challenge, I know. You see me on there, too! But the good thing about a Sprint is it’s an hour. You can hammer out some pages in an hour and then take a break. i try to stand up and move around every hour so this really works for me. Maybe one day we should try to do a Sprint Day–an hour on, an hour off, for a day?


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