How To Wrap Up a Month of How To Posts

Welcome to June and the start of summer!

This is also the end of my month of blogging every day (except Sunday) with a new How To post. It’s been a fun though rigorous adventure, and I’m grateful to all of you who read, followed, commented, re-posted, linked and tweeted.

Soon I will gather all of the posts and make them available in a new format. Stay tuned.

This is the end of May, but not the end of my love of writing How To posts. I can’t stop cold turkey, so beginning next week, I’ll continue to explore writerly topics and troubles on How To Thursday. Any suggestions? You have my ear and my email:

And maybe I’ll have a thing or two to say on Mondays, as I did in the old days….

Happy Summer!


9 thoughts on “How To Wrap Up a Month of How To Posts

  1. I like the idea of putting the blogs together. It could be a really helpful reference. For more blogs; How do you know if a particular critique group is right or wrong for you?


  2. I’m a newcomer to you blog and have been reading back through your May posts. You really should put them together. Lots of good information there.

    Have a good weekend.


  3. Hi, Ramona —

    Thanks for your wonderful posts. I’ve learned a lot. I’m thankful that you will continue with your posts. One problem that pops up in my writing is the overuse of the word “that.” I have overused it to the point I don’t know when its required and when it can be deleted. I understand when to use “that” and “which,” that isn’t the problem. For example, the use of “that” in the following sentence: “Margaret always had an interest in decorating—so strong that it was hard for her to control it.” Could you please devote an upcoming post to this topice?



    1. Grace, I will happily devote a post for the “that girls” because I was one of them. It’s a tough habit to break. For now, try writing the sentence. If you use a “that,” remove it and see if the sentence changes without it: “Margaret always had an interest in decorating–so strong it was hard for her to control it.” There, no “that” necessary. But it’s not always that simple, is it? 🙂 Stay tuned.


  4. Ramona, thank you so much for all your wonderful advice! Keeping up with email and social media stuff usually overwhelms me, but I’ve taken the time to read your post every day and always found it well worth the time. I’ve also recommended you to friends.


    1. Cindy, thank you for the kind words and the recommendation to your friends! As you note, there’s so much to manage beyond writing. I’m glad to have made it into your day. I hope to keep providing useful info.


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