A Bold New Blog Plan

Well, bold for me, anyway.

This site is the online jumping point for my editing business as well as a little hub to publicize Delmarva arts and artists. It’s also the home for my writing blog where I have, over the last couples of years, yammered about personal experiences, addressed some writerly topics, indulged in a rant or two, and hosted a few fellow writers. As much fun as it’s been, my blog postings have been scattershot in terms of subject matter.

At the end of March, I took a month-long hiatus from blogging. There were a couple of reasons for this, but the scattershot mentioned above was a primary one. My blog—my posts—I—don’t have a theme. I, who love theme and search for it in every fiction piece I read, have been theme less on my blog. I haven’t had a clear cut  controlling idea or  goal for what I seek to achieve by posting words on the cyber blank page.

No theme is not good.

In March I went in search of one. I didn’t want to share my journey toward publication because I’ve already been there. I’m keeping my trap shut about epub versus indie pub versus traditional pub. Politics gets me into trouble. My family is always good for a fun story, but if I do that here, how will I entertain my friends on Facebook?

Eschewing confessionals and controversies leaves one only option: being helpful.

I want to run a blog that provides helpful information in simple and practical terms, particularly for new writers who want to learn the basics but may be too embarrassed to ask—or don’t know what to ask. I’d like to be helpful to experienced writers who need a reminder or, like me, a new direction with their work. I want to help with tasks that are important in the grand scheme of the writing business though they may seem minor on the surface.

I just want to help. That’s my theme.

I’m going to begin by writing a month’s worth of simple How To pieces on writerly topics. Every day this month (except on Sundays) I’ll offer up a new How To post. What kind of How To posts, are you wondering? Practical ones. Useful ones. Simple ones. Helpful ones. For May, this can be the go-to place for How To information.

My purpose is to give quick and dirty advice on one specific, static topic that a writer needs to learn and master. Nothing more, nothing less. I’ll do this for the month of May (except on Sundays). I hope you’ll join me. We’ll start tomorrow with…

How to Write a Log Line.


13 thoughts on “A Bold New Blog Plan

  1. An excellent idea, especially for those of us mortified by the fact that we don’t know everything about the writing world we live in. (I’m pretty sure I just made a grammatical boo-boo.) I’ll be here with my arm raised high accompanied by “Oooh! Oooh! Pick me!”


  2. Ramona, I’ve been struggling with the theme decision for my own blog. Haven’t quit found it yet but I’m working on it. Thanks for sharing your journey, and I look forward to reading your posts!


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