It’s Been a Ball, TLC!

On Saturday, my little world was rocked by the announcement that the Lipstick Chronicles blog will be closing its doors on January 1.

I’ve been along for the TLC ride since its inception in 2005. Back then, the bloggers–all  mystery writers–focused the posts on their books and the craft of writing. Then the posts broadened to families and social issues and world affairs.  Not many subjects were skipped over by TLC–or the cadre of daily commentors, the back-bloggers, who happily provided opinions and insights from outside perspectives.

This announcement will change up my morning routine of enjoying the daily post with my opening cup of coffee. A true community evolved among the bloggers and the back-bloggers. I will miss them all.

I had the pleasure of guest blogging at TLC on several occasions. To preserve my own little spot in TLC history, here are some of my contributions to the Lipstick discussion:

The Vending Machine is about language, food, and sensuous art:

The Bad Boyfriend Talk  discusses a mother’s attempt to teach her son how to treat girls right:

Who Would You Voodoo?  ponders the lure of black, or white, magic:

An Open Letter to Craig, Daniel Craig invites you into the Blond Bond sisterhood:

Everybody’s Doing It  is my helpful (and yes, self-serving) testimonial in support of independent editors:

To my friends at the Lipstick Chronicles: It was a pleasure. Every darn minute of it.



4 thoughts on “It’s Been a Ball, TLC!

  1. Hey – that’s how I met you in cyberspace, and then we even got to meet in person.

    This is sadder than I thought it would be, but we must stay in touch!!!



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