Blog Share Day!

About a year ago, after a conversation with a writing friend about encouragement and personal accountability, I created a Facebook group for writers called How Many Pages Did You Write Today?  My purpose was to provide a place for writers to share their productivity–or lack thereof–and converse online with other writers.

A year and 130+ members later, HMPDYWT? is going strong. Every day, members pop up to share how many pages  they have written, or why they haven’t written, or what they are writing. Questions are asked. Advice is given. Occasionally, the whip is cracked, but mostly the cheerleading flows freely.

A rule applies at HMPDYWT?–no links, please. I created the group so members would post to the Wall and stay on the Wall. But because we have so many active bloggers, today is Blog Share Day. Members are invited to post a link to personal blogs and tell a little about what they post.

Join us!


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