Quick Editing FAQs

Manuscripts are to be submitted in standard industry format: 1 inch margins;  double spaced; 12-point type size; Times New Roman or Courier.

Please run Spell Check (Spelling & Grammar function) before sending pages to me.

Manuscripts scheduled for an edit are to be sent as an email attachment.

I work using Track Changes. If special circumstances dictate, I can work on a paper copy, but my preference is to work online.

I prefer PayPal as method of payment. For a novel, I ask for 1/2 payment at the start of the editing job, with the remainder paid when the edited manuscript is returned.

I do not provide sample edits. However, if a writer wants to send a shorter opening, I am open to negotiation. Please send a query first.

I usually have a queue and schedule several months in advance.My advance time can be anywhere from two to six months.

However, I understand the nature of the business requires flexibility, so if you need a quicker turnaround or have a special circumstance, ask! I do my best to be accommodating, and it never hurts to ask.

Please contact me at ramonadef@yahoo.com with an email including EDITING or MANUSCRIPT inquiry in the subject line. Because of hacking and spam, I delete without opening emails with [no subject] or Hi! in the subject line.

Please DO NOT send pages as an attachment until requested to do so. Same reason as #8.

For info on fees, see Fees & Services page.